Before you schedule an appointment with any service provider here are three things that you need to ask:


1. Do you have a valid State of Illinois or City of Chicago Plumbing license and what is the number. **Before they come out please call and verify the information that they provided to you by calling 217-524-0791 State of Illinois or 312-744-3895 City of Chicago to verify the license number or find them on the internet.


2. Do you have a valid certificate of insurance through the State of Illinois that will cover the scope of the work I need in my home or business? **Plumbing work is much more than a handyman's job.  Having adequate insurance to perform a wide scope of work in residential or commercial spaces is very important in protecting the client as well as the business.


3. Is the technician being sent out to my home or business the actual license holder or are they an apprentice? **Plumbing apprentices need to learn certainly.  However, if they come to your home without the counsel of the licensed plumber who is suppose to be training them, then it defeates the purpose of being an apprentice.  Be sure to ask and demand that the license holder be present during all repairs or installations.


We want your plumbing project handled in a professional manner that results in everything being done correctly, even if we are not the plumber that you choose.  Your protection and safety is important to us. We take our education and credentials very seriously, and we hope that you will too.

   -Dan LePine  Licensed Plumber, Certified Plumber Inspector for Illinois

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​Our expert Licensed Plumbers are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year to attend to your plumbing issues promptly and efficiently!  We specialize in plumbing for residential and commercial applications.  We have educated plumbers on staff that have been trained according to the State of Illinois plumbing code.  Code Mechanical Inc. has a staff that is well equipped to handle your plumbing needs.